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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tante Girang Selingkuh Anak Muda

When it comes to acne, a lot of information available from various sources. Tales of 'old, random experiments, and even misleading promise instant cure for acne are followed by many the hope of being free of grain. Tante Girang Unfortunately, some, if not all, these are without scientific basis and can also worsen acne. Serious skin care for acne-prone skin begins with proper and correct information Selingkuh Anak Muda.
On the causes of acne:
There are many myths about the causes and treatment for acne. Here are some of the most popular of mild acne and is widely practiced: * Stress
Stress does not cause acne, but can worsen acne. Scientific studies show that stress can affect a person's hormonal cycle can make existing acne condition worse. In addition, some psychiatric drugs can reduce stress acne as a side effect. * Masturbation or sex
Tante Telanjang Sex or masturbation causes acne. Studies related to sex or masturbation acne are not conclusive, without further evidence. 'Tale' of old, this acne myth became popular during the 17th century to discourage women from having sex before marriage or other disorderly conduct. Some adults also misleading to use the fear of having to deter acne today's teenagers to have sex at an early age. * Chocolate and greasy foods
Even if you eat too much sweet and fatty food is never good for anyone, the relationship between acne and this food is largely indirect. Hormonal changes, which is the most common cause of acne, can cause a person to want to alternately sweet and salty foods like chocolate and chips. From this desire often coincides with outbreaks of acne, the food group has been wrongly labeled as a cause of acne. Acne Treatment
If myths about the probable causes of acne are abundant, there are many cures that promise called for the immediate release of acne. These are: * Make frequent washing
Because the excess oil and dirt are among the causes of acne, some people have the mistaken notion that frequent washing of the face can prevent and cure acne. However, this is not the case. Thus, only worsens acne when the skin is removed protective lipids can make it sensitive, dry and prone to irritation. * Toothpaste
Toothpaste has antiseptic properties, which can cause grain to dry. However, while applying toothpaste for acne can be effective for some, can cause more harm to others, especially if applied over time. Toothpaste can dry around and "burn" grain points that can lead to discoloration. * Sun exposure
Probably one of the most idiotic mild acne on the surface, some people swear by it. However, sun exposure can only lead to one thing: skin damage. Tans and darker skin tones just hide or conceal acne, but a closer look and touch reveals bumps and pimples. This can make acne worse, because sun exposure can make skin dry, flaky, light, and very sensitive. 

Perkosa Tante Girang Eat a balanced diet, exercising, getting enough rest, and after a regimen of skin care specific for your skin type is essential for skin care skin prone to severe acne.
Medications and treatments prescribed by a dermatologist can help a lot.